Mooring co-op

The Dangar Island Mooring Cooperative was previously a sub-committee of the League.

Following the special general meeting on 28 September 2013 the DIMC is no longer a sub-committee of the League and has become an independent group with no legal ties to the League.

The information below is there so residents can access some of the historical information which the DIMC provided to the community over the last couple of years.

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A Special General Meeting of the Dangar Island League was held to vote on the Dangar Island Mooring Co-operative proposal.


To build a mooring facility, for Dangar Island residents and land owners, for approximately 30 to 40 small commuter style boats (e.g. tinnies) adjacent to the public wharf on Dangar Island, based in principle on the Dangar Island Mooring Co-operative Information Booklet (dated 5 September 2013) available here.

Votes in Favour: 135
Votes Against: 105

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At present we are a sub committee of the Dangar Island League comprising Antony Schinckel, Sue Merrick, Stuart Allen, David Pakes and Tom Weddin. However in the near future the DIMC will be an independent Coop with no legal ties to the League.
Please email any comments to or speak to one of the sub-committee Members.

Access the latest Dangar Island Mooring Co-operative Information Booklet here.

Access the engineering construction options paper
here and the addendum here.

See the latest letter (9 August 2013) from the League President Bronek Karcz here which confirms details of the forthcoming display of the proposed design and details of the vote in September.

Read the earlier letter from the League President to Islanders re the DIMC from 2 July 2013

LATEST NEWS: Access the Dangar Island Mooring Co-operative Limited rules
here and the By-laws here.

Dangar Island Mooring Co-operative Update - September 2012

Dear Islanders,

This is where we are up to with the Jetty:

Establishing the Co-op

We’ve submitted DRAFT incorporation papers to the NSW Department of Fair Trading, who have approved them in principle. We have now called a public meeting at the Hall, 2pm on September 15th to go over these details.

The documents required to set up a Co-op have three levels. These levels are
1. Model Rules. These are set by the Department of Fair Trading for all cooperatives.
They can be changed, but with a lot of resistance. You can read these on
A printed copy will kindly be available to read in the Island Shop. Buy a coffee while you are there.

2. Schedules. These describe the structural arrangements of our Co-op, covering voting, committees, and setting annual fees etc. These CAN be changed after we get incorporated, but it is quite a process. (That is why we want to try to sort them out now).

3. Bylaws. These cover the practical and operational day by day rules of the Co-op, like rigging your boat, memberships, rentals, waiting lists, etc. These can be changed by the members of the Co-op at a meeting held in accordance with the Model Rules and Schedules.

A printed copy is available to read in the Island Shop, so buy another coffee while you are there.

Public Meeting

We look forward to discussing all this at the hall on September 15 at 2pm, and we will then forward our application for Registration of the Co-op.

Design Progress and Consultation

Hornsby Council has appointed SMEC as Engineering consultants and they have already done test bore drilling, tidal studies etc. Consequently, they have concluded that it is feasible for a mooring facility in this location, and are progressing with a proposed design of the project.

We are not expecting a final, or even preliminary design will be ready for our meeting on the 15th, but hopefully we may have a proposed design for the League AGM on the 29th of September. Once the design/budget stage is resolved, the next step will be construction tenders.

Co-op Membership applications

Hornsby Council has approved a budget for their portion of the project, ie the new disabled pontoon, BUT before Council can let tenders for construction, they need to know the real level of financial commitment from the Islanders.

We are hoping we will have a proposed design and probable Budget available for the AGM on 29 September and we will then be calling for membership applications and holding deposits—probably in the order of $4,000 - $5,000.

Once we confirm the Co-op memberships, we will call the first official meeting of the Co-op (to have elections and and formally accept the proposed bylaws). We’ve had two previous surveys to identify the level of interest in the project, and thanks to everyone who participated. We’ll also be sending application forms to survey respondents and all other islanders.

You can email us –, or discuss with the Jetty Sub-committee: Stuart Allen, Ron Barelle, Sue Merrick, and Antony Schinckel.

See you on the 15th and the 29th, both at 2pm

Cheers from the Jetty Subcommittee of the Dangar Island League.

Access the Dangar Island Mooring Cooperative June 2012 newsletter
here and the January 2012 newsletter here.

here to access a summary of the feedback obtained from the community at the Public Meeting on 31 July 2011.

The Council briefing paper which was submitted for approval at the Council meeting on Wednesday 21 September is attached